Colectivo Los Ingrávidos: Color Fields

Altazor, 2019

It is a tribute of hyperkinetic colors to the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro in times of pandemic vortex and post-Cubist quarantine. This is Altazor's color drop. Part of the Harmonic and Hyperkinetic Color Film Series.

Coral, 2019

Coral is part of the harmonic and hyperkinetic colors film series. In this part the transcendental experience of his harmony leads us to an aesthetical suspension of content. Part of the Harmonic and Hyperkinetic Color Film Series.

Luvina, 2019

Nobody counts the hours and nobody cares how the years are piling up. Souls begin and end. Then comes the night. A snow landscape of souls.

Red Psalm, 2019

A lighting psalmody by the current Mexican conflagration. Light through the veins.

Saturno, 2019

We came into the world under the sign of Saturn, the star of the slowest revolution, the planet of detours and delays. Saturn pulls the word down into its vortex and turns the flow of events into rings, lines and particles. There we are all invisible. There we have no face. There we have no name. There our present seems suspended. There we are all limbo.