10% Discount for VHS to DVD Upgrades


As much as we love it here at VDB, the reality is that VHS is no longer a viable format.  At educational and cultural institutions, the use of VHS equipment has shrunk or disappeared completely, and at the same time VHS tape production has come to a halt, superseded by newer technologies like DVD and Blu-ray.

Many of our customers who purchased VHS from Video Data Bank or other video art distributors in the past are coming to us now wondering what to do with those old tapes, and how their content can be maintained in library collections.  While VDB purchase licenses do not allow for direct duplication or format migration, we are happy to offer customers a 10% discount off any DVD or Blu-ray tile in the VDB collection previously owned on VHS.

Contact us if you are looking to replace your VHS tapes with DVD or Blu-ray, and we will supply you with a 10% discount code to be used when you order any of those previously purchased titles online. 

Video Data Bank