CATE: The Disappointment: Or The Force of Credulity

The Disappointment: Or, The Force of Credulity

On Thursday, March 17, VDB co-presents The Disappointment: Or The Force of Credulity, with artist Brian Springer in person.  Best known for his scathing news media exposé Spin (1995), Brian Springer’s latest work is a labyrinthine, semi-autobiographical documentary about the search for four disparate treasures buried on his family’s farm in Missouri.  Springer interweaves the stories surrounding these treasures with those of his family to spin a tale of spirit possession, Napalm, Indian massacres, early American opera, fanatical obsessions, 200 tons of dirt, and the way mothers try to protect their families from wounds that never heal. At its core, The Disappointment meditates on the ways history is passed along, altered, and sometimes lost through archeological findings. (Amy Beste)

The screening will be introduced by writer Brian Holmes, who will also conduct a post-screening discussion with artist Brian Springer.

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