Flatform Seminar at the University of Lisbon

VDB artists Flatform will be presenting a seminar on their work titled Revealing the Landscape at the University of Lisbon as part of their philosophy and landscape architecture project FilArqPais.  There will be a screening of Flatform’s work followed by discussions with five scholars and philosophers about Flatform’s use of landscape.  With topics ranging from ‘movement as memory’ to ‘landscape and instability,’ it is surely not to be missed.  We hope all our European friends will be able to attend this exciting event.

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa - Projecto FilArqPais
Revelar A Paisagem (Revealing the Landscape)
Wednesday, February 13 at 2:30pm

The following titles will screened and discussed:

Sunday 6th April, 11:42 a.m
Bergsonian reflections around Sunday 6th April by Lavinia Leal Pereira

57.600 Seconds of Invisible Night and Light
Movement as memory of the place by Maribel Sobreira

Cannot Be Anything Against the Wind
The Law of Wind: time, space and landscape by Vasco Baptista Marques

A Place to Come
Anticipating the place coming into existence by Maria Teresa Teixeira

Movements of an Impossible Time
Landscape, permanence and instability by Adriana Verissimo Serrao

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