Nancy Holt 1938-2014

Lindsay Bosch

Febraury 10, 2014

- Artist's Statement for Video Data Bank, 1988                    
VDB mourns the passing of groundbreaking artist Nancy Holt this week.  It has been our pleasure to work with Nancy Holt and to represent her seminal media work for over twenty-five years.  We take comfort from this touching obituary on Holt, a pioneer of earthworks and public art, where art historian Hikmet Sidney Loe notes:

Nancy’s legacy as an artist, teacher, mentor, and friend will continue, rippling across time and space. The connections she created assure us her legacy will continue for generations. She connected us through visionary art to light and to the land; she connected the land and the sky, offering a new way of perceiving the world. The life she passes on to us will continue through her boundless, unstoppable energy.