Colectivo Los Ingrávidos: Super 8mm Films

This is the vision from the “chinampas", the hectic life in the floating gardens, an ancestral system of audiovisual planting.

Colmillos, 2023

This is the liturgy of the sacred fangs, a forgotten syntax of ancient scripture. In the secret of the ritual fangs the holy syntax used to be a dance. A germinal dance of the language.

Mural, 2024

A tribute to movement in resistance. Part of shamanic materialism. 

Nahual, 2024

An audiovisual being who has the power to shape shift. Part of shamanic materialism. 

Seeds, 2023

This is the contained power of the sacred seeds, the vibration of the ancient seeds of corn and their passage through an ocean of pulsating luminosity. A germinal liturgy of holy seeds.

Shrouds, 2023

Part of super 8mm films series.

Stones, 2023

Part of super 8mm films series.

Tribal, 2024

Part of shamanic materialism and the aesthetic of trance. 

We are still here. We the birds. Part of hauntology Film Archives and shamanic materialism. 

Through the floating garden, into the mountain of signs and chants, arise the path of the winged stone. A stone that used to be a fossil.