New to the Kuchar Archive - 12 Titles From George Kuchar

Billion Dollar Bimbo: A Musical

VDB is happy to announce that 12 titles produced between 1985 and 2009 by prolific artist George Kuchar have been added to VDB's Kuchar Archive and are available for distribution. These titles include many of Kuchar's infamous student productions, including a rare foray into the musical genre with Billion Dollar Bimbo: A Musical (1993). There are also a number of George's video diaries including Xmas 1986 (1986) and The Plucking of the Succulents (1989), which documents a trip to Francis Ford Coppola's vineyard.

VDB is committed to preserving the work and legacy of our late friend George Kuchar, and we are grateful to the Harvard Film Archive for their assistance in this project. Please visit the page for each title to view descriptions and clips of the works.

Also available for institutional and home purchase is The World of George Kuchar, a five-DVD box set produced by VDB.

Now Available in The Kuchar Archive

Reunion in Los Angeles, George Kuchar, 1985, 1:08:00, U.S.
Jane and Mike Visit, George Kuchar, 1986, 23:58, U.S.
Xmas 1986, George Kuchar, 1986, 36:31, U.S.
The Plucking of the Succulents, George Kuchar, 1989, 5:30, U.S.
Rotten Apples, George Kuchar, 1989, 12:57, U.S.
Alumni Series #1, George Kuchar, 1993, 12:39, U.S.
Billion Dollar Bimbo: A Musical, George Kuchar, 1993, 15:37, U.S.

Video Alumni Report #2, 1993, 10:52, U.S.
The Gift of Gab, George Kuchar, 1997, 17:31, U.S.
The Sodomites of Shalimar, George Kuchar, 1997, 44:35, U.S.
Snapshots, George Kuchar, 2000, 6:23, U.S.

Nibbles, George Kuchar, 2009, 7:00, U.S.