Rotten Apples

George Kuchar

1989 | 00:12:57 | United States | English | Color | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Kuchar Archive, Single Titles

Tags: Environment, George Kuchar, Nature

In Rotten Apples, George Kuchar explores the themes of life, lust, decay and death, all through the act of grinding apples for cider. As Kuchar walks around an orchard with his friends in an attempt to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings, his creeping hand gestures make it clear that the threat of destruction is always looming. However, this destruction can also be understood as the simple transformation of a thing’s physical state. By juxtaposing scenes of people composting with engravings of penis geese sticking their heads up a woman’s skirt, Kuchar attempts to reveal the complex relationship between sex, death and rebirth. Kuchar concludes by considering earthquakes as just such a transformative event, explaining that while we can attempt to ‘brace for the big one,’ what is most important is to master the art of ‘coping with the quake.’

– Kyle Riley

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