Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar

Voice in the Man

2023 | 00:40:07

They wait for voices to reach them, touch them!

Mike Kuchar

Uncertain Futures

2023 | 00:11:30

Are Reese and Ryan in "God's Eden," – or is it "Darwin's Jungle" they populate?

Mike Kuchar


2021 | 00:16:00

Do walls have ‘tales’ to tell?

Mike Kuchar

Fever Dreams

2015 | 00:30:00

The temperature in your eyes will rise when you contract ‘FEVER DREAMS’ and experience the haunted mayhem contained therein.

Audacious romanticism displays gardens fueled by the human heart where feelings blossom amid leaf and brick.

Mike Kuchar

Odds and Ends

2022 | 00:20:00

‘ODDS AND ENDS’ is a dazzling patchwork of moods, lost and found, for the eye to savor.

See a boy turn into a tiger. See the lad vomit colors of the rainbow. Watch him toss marbles onto wet bathroom tiles while holding up a green skull.

This sumptuous Valentine sent by Miss Philly unfolds with the lavish lushness of love for HIM whom she adores.

Mike Kuchar

Video Valentine

2022 | 00:28:00

PASSIONS run deep and LOVE flies high on Cupid’s arrow when ‘Boys’ are the desired target.

A young man recovering from emotional wounds, defiantly re-enters the outside world that welcomes his return with all its abundant miracles.

… A brief summery of what you’ll see : 

Mike Kuchar

Heat Rash

2007 | 00:29:08

This audio, visual laxative empties the mind of inhibitions to allow the spectator entrance into the whirlpool of sexual fixations.