Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

A young man recovering from emotional wounds, defiantly re-enters the outside world that welcomes his return with all its abundant miracles.

Mike Kuchar

Heat Rash

2022 | 00:29:08

This audio, visual laxative empties the mind of inhibitions to allow the spectator entrance into the whirlpool of sexual fixations.

… A brief summery of what you’ll see : 

Twilight deepens, Night descends and moods sink into madness.

Mike Kuchar

Florid Fancies

2022 | 00:40:33

This is an over-the-top Video bouquet audaciously delivered by flamboyant "Pan" – like poets determined to paint the world pink.

Mike Kuchar

Mixed Feelings

2022 | 00:25:04

A young man of the "Modern Age" ponders

Mike Kuchar

One Plus Two

2022 | 00:20:56

A young boy caught in an emotional web spun by adults must untangle the relationships that are deep as the sea surrounding him.

Land locked souls seek the key to a spiritual doorway that transcends earthly existence.

Mike Kuchar

Painted Passions

2022 | 00:25:21

Toxic pigments of lust stain an artist’s brush as he struggles against lurid colors on the canvas of his life, – a "life" in brick jungles wit sordid, dark alleys on neon-lit avenues where he got lost

Mike Kuchar

Hell on Earth

2022 | 00:52:40

There is no need to "sin" because Hell is here, just go to the window and peek out…. It’s next door and is on display in this movie.

Mike Kuchar

Fools Paradise

2022 | 00:41:09

Get ready for a smorgasbord of mishaps perpetrated by misfits choking on missteps in life… Add to this a dash of bitter memories sprinkled with love affairs gone stale, and you’ve got a heap of slop for mental…

Mike Kuchar

Erasable Walls

2022 | 00:32:16

The search for one’s true identity, the need to create, to find a proper place in the universe – this is the pursuit of the individuals portrayed in this narrative meditation… It is that quest to find meaning…