Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Artists with brushes need light to paint a picture, but human feelings function just as well in the dark.

A summer sojourn is fleshed out for maximum solar exposure in this video travelogue of sun, sea and epidermal exhibitionism.

A trip to Winnipeg introduces the viewer to moments of Canadian cuisine and to the easily digestible tidbits that make up the WNDX Film/Video Festival.

The foliage and sprouting of urban greenery becomes the subject of this celebration to all things pollinated. The video explores hidden gardens that lie sequestered amid an array of dwellings inhabited by the not so rich and famous.

George Kuchar

Faulty Fathoms

2006 | 00:15:00

A wide screen portrait of people, pets and places, this Frisco based video immerses the viewer in a placid flow of images that hint of darker depths here and there.

George Kuchar

Eye on the Sky

2008 | 00:21:30

On the outer limits of an Oklahoma town both eyes scan the skies for the terror being foretold by the volatile vapors that pulse with urgent radio frequencies.

Linda Martinez stars in this sequel to the horror series, which relishes in colorful detail the misadventures of Sherry Frankenstein.  Made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, the viewer is plunged into a world of young and…

Mike Kuchar


2014 | 00:10:00

Bouncing balloons, cloth puppets and loud mouthed 'wall-bangers' enliven a grown up nursery.

—Mike Kuchar

George Kuchar

Arizona Byways

2001 | 00:23:00

A cactus-strewn desert becomes the backdrop for this series of filmic stopovers that focuses on the living quarters assigned the assignee of this adventurous arrangement.

This European flavored melodrama depicts a fictional country of refined manners and debased desires that explode into chaos, sending its prodigal son into the pit of 20th Century technology.

George Kuchar

Morsel Beach

1997 | 00:04:25

A short breather that smells of ocean salts and barbecued chicken. Friends gather for a celebration in the sun as the surf rolls in and the smoke heads skyward toward who knows what destiny?

George Kuchar

Libido Lagoon

2009 | 00:32:00

This turgid potboiler was made with my class at the San Francisco Art Institute. It steam-rolls a series of overheated episodes to a colorful climax of redemption and moral rectitude.