Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George Kuchar

Xmas 1986

1986 | 00:36:31

In Xmas 1986, George Kuchar’s mother Stella has come to stay with him for the holidays.

Three ladies of the shadows come forth to illuminate themselves in the glare of a spotlight that is usually aimed at figures groomed for cinematic celebrity.

Performed by my graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute, this one act play that I had written gets the best production values that $500 can afford.

George Kuchar

Web of Vice

2006 | 00:50:00

Shot with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, this colorful drama with song and dance numbers (plus burlesque acts) follows the libidinous poisoning of Vatican personnel by an otherworldly intruder.

Mike Kuchar


2008 | 00:13:00

Secret number... secret shape... knower of the secret name... God of the realm of night - I summon you, 'Son of Sin'... arise!

George Kuchar


2011 | 00:25:55

This final weather diary travels through some rough inner and outer domains.  Social interactions blend more smoothly than the clash of air masses which threaten to clobber a prairie town in a vortex of violence.

George Kuchar

The Passion Pot

2003 | 00:20:00

This chaotic fantasy involves an underground empire of Halloween-type entities that bedevil the surface people of earth with yellow rays that cause civilians to go on murderous rampages.

Mike Kuchar

Blue Banshee

1994 | 00:14:36

Commissioned to be a "promo" for a loud punk rock band, Mr. Kuchar feared that the noise the band made would spoil the mood of his visuals, so he used the sound of a lush orchestra to score the picture and the antics.

Made at the San Francisco Art Institute with my students, this tuneful picture transports the viewer to the planet Mars as three attractive teens seek funding for an expedition into adulthood.

George Kuchar +1

Room 666

2010 | 00:04:50

Twenty-five years of marriage 'down the drain'!!

Mike Kuchar

Age of Anxiety

2015 | 00:25:00

"...Roy has set in and spread across the fabric of their lives."

— Mike Kuchar

Another holiday season rolls into the Northern California coast along with the breakers that roil and foam in mimicry of a "white Christmas." Men, women and felines frolic and fret amid the tinkle of holiday revelers as the short days fade into…