Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George Kuchar

FlashBulb Alley

2008 | 00:10:00

A trip to the Los Angeles film festival leads to a glamorous gauntlet of flashing smiles and flashing bulbs that add the extra “humph” to a reunion of old friends.

This East Coast travelogue documents my journey from New York City to Boston as several screenings plunge me into a maelstrom of social excess and tummy filling delights.  You too can digest this banquet of artists, poets and movie-makers as…

George Kuchar

Fashion Vixen

2002 | 00:50:00

This sprawling drama about a group of country folk sucked into the fashion world of magazine layouts and romantic intrigue features a cast of glamorously garbed gals and good-natured bumpkins.

The annual holiday video is off and swinging with this foray into festive chatter and explosive fireworks. Sweet treats are served up along with ice cream and jungle jingles befitting this season of goodwill toward man and beast.

A vain, self centered mother competes with her daughter in the world of carnivorous men and sleazy movies.

This is actually a rather warm, Xmas greeting which features some thawed items in full action as the Yuletide logs flicker and forks plunge earthward toward smoking piles of nourishment.

...As the Moth is lured to the candle's flame, so it is that a group of misfits enter a dark house to converse with shadows amid the dust of Time.

—Mike Kuchar

George Kuchar

Matinee Idylls

2001 | 00:12:00

At the San Francisco Art Institute, a studio awaits the onslaught of creative concoctions perpetrated by a bearded atrocity who now hovers over past malpractices that cast a Technicolor pall over the whitewashed walls.

I’m not the only one eating my way through this sunny travelette as several other species dig into the goodies too.

A look at various homes and the people who sit on the furniture that decorates this assortment of abodes.

George Kuchar

Burrito Bay

2009 | 00:25:15

This video diary/travelogue centers on a tropical trip to Acapulco where yours truly hits both sand and surf with maximum impact.

George Kuchar


2000 | 00:06:23

George Kuchar experimented with in-camera editing effects more and more in his later career, and Snapshots is no exception.