Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

A volume of illustrated horrors arrives to stimulate the chatter of those who behold its weighty extravagance.

George Kuchar

Vintage Visits

2010 | 00:14:47

Another edition to my weather diary series, this particular one has more social intercourse occurring in the prairie hovel which houses the hidden longings of he who seeks sustenance from the void.  The void acts up in the beginning and then…

Anne McGuire

Oh Hi Anne

2017 | 00:09:00

Made using voicemails the Kuchar brothers left on her home answering machine, the artist reveals George and Mike in all their candid honesty leading up to and following George’s untimely death in 2011.

Taped during the summer months in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts. This vacation video explores the restrictions imposed by dietary fears and the need to appease fresh and rotten appetites.

This horror picture is a sequel to THE KISS OF FRANKENSTEIN (a one act play I wrote a few years ago which was performed by my graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute).

Mike Kuchar

Leticia's Poem

2002 | 00:17:00

Poet Leticia Plotkin's final poem, intended to praise the ancient deities who control one's fate, turns instead into a bitter damnation scribbled in venom.

This time, the call of the west sends me packing to Oregon, California and Arizona. You too can experience the dizzy delights of a whirlwind tour and witness wonders seen through the savage eye of a Sony camcorder.

Mike Kuchar

Devil's Den

2013 | 00:26:44

A club for misfits who descend into a psychedelic underworld.  Made at the San Francisco Art Institute.

—Mike Kuchar

This wonderful and wide-ranging saga of New Age sensibilities in conflict with down-and-dirty urges takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride into the freak show world of actors and actresses in need of adequate direction.

A California Christmas season ushers in an array of holiday visuals designed to feed the hunger of soiled souls in search of truffle filled delights.

George Kuchar

Vista Visions

2007 | 00:14:00

A tribute to people everywhere who spread their glorious visions on canvases both large and small, beaded or lenticular, glossy or matt finished.

George Kuchar


2009 | 00:03:30

Solstice is a music video illustrating the feelings inspired by this holiday song written by a young man I met in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy Ditzler.