Billion Dollar Bimbo: A Musical

1993 | 00:15:37 | United States | Color | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Kuchar Archive, Single Titles

Tags: Camp, George Kuchar

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Billion Dollar Bimbo: A Musical is a story of a young Hollywood actress’s psychological roller coaster ride through loss and redemption. One day on set the actress witnesses her mother collapse in the middle of shooting. Thinking her dead, the woman quickly spins out of control, immediately descending into drug use and promiscuity. The daughter’s depression-induced mania is assuaged when the mother recovers, but only briefly. When the mother quickly dies, the forlorn daughter plummets again into hopelessness and seeks solace in religion. However, even this buffer cannot shield her from the ills of the world. After killing a man and descending again into drunkenness and despair, the daughter receives a substantial amount of money from her dead mother’s estate. Donating it all to the homeless, the young girl finally gains freedom from the memory of her loss.

– Kyle Riley