Art Collective

Crypt, 2022

Part of the paraconsistent sequence series.

In Danza Solar, Super8 archival footage of dancers is superimposed with 16mm views of the sun (suns). The film evokes a communal solar trance, both Andean and Mesoamerican. Part of a collection of works the collective considers "Shamanic Materialism," Danza Solar is a Mesoamerican spell unleashed.

A brief glimpse into the cycles of Coyolxauhqui, the moon goddess, whose cycles used to be a dance. A fast-paced jazz soundtrack accompanies the quick, darting movements of the moon.

Dark Age, 2022

These are the ghosts of a haunted civilization, a culture of progress that hides the social and political horror behind the streets. These are the haunted figures in the Capitalocene era. A sinister dance of macabre abstraction. A scanner darkly of the streets. Part of the Hauntology series.

A Kafkian vision of the New World. The arrival of Karl Rossman to the contemporary Babylon under the spell of the paranoid avant-garde. Kinetic coexistence of the archaic forms in dissolution.

Democracy, 2022

Part of paraconsistent sequence series.

A modulation of the discourse produces a portrait of the philosopher Slavoj Žižek during a dialogue.

This are the scattered fragments, the scattered mineral fragments in its oceanic evolution, an intermittent becoming of geological massiveness. The mineral geology under the spell of an scattered dance. This is the mobilized fossil. Part of the Scattered Geology Audiovisual series.

First of all: a dissolving is a structural device of the history of audiovisual language. Second: this piece is about a rearticulation of the dissolving device that captures the ominous historical and political events in recent Mexico.

Drama, 2022

Part of paraconsistent sequence series.

The Dresden Codex is a prehispanic book that was kidnapped and was rediscovered in the city of Dresden, Germany. It keeps a presage of a destruction to come.

Dry Blood, 2017

In Dry Blood (Sagre Seca), various historical moments of political activism in Mexico are superimposed and corroded on the emulsion of expired film. Footage from the International Women's Day in 2017 is coupled with the recording of a powerful speech about the gruesome aftermath of the 2006 civil unrest in San Salvador Atenco.

El Dorado, 2020

The supposed existence of a golden kingdom motivated numerous expeditions, and the belief remained in force until the 19th century, although its location moved from Colombia to the Guianas, as the process of conquest and colonization of the South American territory progressed. A journey and a drift from extractive colonialism that is far from over.

In the nest of the sun, Xolotl, Huitzilin and Xochitl meet to recover the dance of radiation, whose colorful heat stirs the new fire of their cosmic dance. Part of the Film Tonalli.

Part of paraconsistent sequence series.

Part of paraconsistent sequence series.

Entraña , 2019

Part of paraconsistent sequence series and the hauntology series.

The Pyramid used to be a mountain.

"In the film, images of plants, rocks and occasional mountaintops flicker by so quickly they almost evade perception. Extreme colour-tinted close-ups and the use of a rhythmic, drum-forward jazz soundtrack create an effect of a syncopated collage of geometric forms. The collective seems to call into question the audience’s ability to ascertain the significance – whether historical or geographical – of the vaguely identified, eroded sites presented."

–Ela Bittencourt, Frieze

Part of paraconsistent sequence series.

EZLN, 2022

This is an agitprop piece on resistance from the autonomy and indigenous sovereignty that hold in his own name, in his own letters, in his own sparks and embers of letters.

In 1975, the Feminist Studio Workshop (I was a member) at the Woman’s Building in LA, the Women’s Interart Center in New York City, and another feminist organization in Washington DC, attempted to set up a video exchange among feminist art organizations. This was the first videoletter on our end. I don’t know if another one was ever made.

The videoletter is a tour of the Woman’s Building. Pam McDonald, with microphone in hand, another workshop member, and myself, served as guides through the building. It was shot with a black and white video portopack.

Part of paraconsistent sequence series.

This video captures the playfulness of the Videofreex as they frolic in the first snow of 1971. With joyful excitement, David, Bart, Chuck, Nancy and Skip pass the camera back and forth to explore the possibilities for video under the new weather condition offered by flurries. While Nancy tapes, David and Bart create fictional characters stranded after a plane crash. Annie, Francis and the resident dog, Mushroom, join the group for further snowy shenanigans. Later, Bart tries to interview the local snowplow driver for an episode of Lanesville TV, but without success.

This is the state of bodies, this is the intermittence of bodies, this is the fragile reminiscence of bodies. The flashing fragility of images. The intermittent projection of the nuclear catastrophe to come. This is something on the way.

The Flood, 2022

A figure crosses, runs and flees through the cinematic space, there is no way out. The imminent catastrophe looms. With images by Dovjento and music by Stravinsky. Part of paraconsistent sequence series and the hauntology series.