30 Second Spot Reconsidered

Joan Braderman

1988 | 00:12:05 | United States | English | Color |

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Made at the time of the 1988 presidential election, this piece is about media power and market censorship. It is based on a true story about the adventures of the artist buying network time for a TV spot – an ad for counter-bicentennial activities in l976, confronting the system of invisible, corporate censorship which runs broadcast television. 30 Second Spot Reconsidered puts a lie to the idea that only ’free’ markets regulate freedom of expression in the USA.

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Prizes + Awards

Winner- *Grand Prize*, Video Zone, 1989 Zone Art Center; Springfield

Winner- *Second Prize*, Daniel Wadsworth National Video Festival, 1990


New England Film/Video Festival

Exhibitions + Festivals

IMAGE WORLD; Whitney Museum

Anti-Censorship Show, NYC

Median Operativ Festival, Berlin

Berlin Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

New American Makers, San Francisco SHOW THE RIGHT THING Conference New York Univ., NYC

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Australian Film Festival

Real Artways, Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut

Majestic Theater, Boston

Colgate University

Utica College

Hampshire College

University of Glasgow

Bennington College

S.U.N.Y. Purchase

University of Calif., Berkeley

London Institute of Art