AIUEONN Six Features

1994 | 00:14:02 | Japan | English / Japanese | Color | Mono | 4:3 | BetacamSP video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Asian-American, Humor, Language

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"Combining the comical with the absurd, I created six funny faces to animate the images of Japanese vowels while differentiating between 'image', 'letter', and 'voice'."

— Takahiko iimura

"iimura deconstructs our coherence as he shifts between the English roman alphabet and Japanese characters, interjects spoken Japanese, and manipulates the computer images of his features.  The images often take on geometrical shapes, others recall the classical images from Japanese woodcuts of Samurai warrior grimace."

— Robert West, Curator, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC

"A very simple but also striking statement about the arbitrariness of semiotic relations....and also a funny lesson in Japanese."

— Fred Andersson, Leonardo Digital Review, MIT Press

Prizes + Awards

Rusting Ear Prize, WRO Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw, 1993

Best Five, Festival Mudial do MInuto, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1993

Director's Citation Honor, Athens Film/Video Festival, Ohio, 1994

Third Place Award, Short Attention Span Film/Video Festival, San Francisco, 1994

Finalists Award, New York Film Festival, 1995

Honorable Mention Award, Columbus International Film/Video Festival, Ohio, 1996

Grand Prize, Rough and Ruined International Film Festival, Vancouver, 1997

Exhibitions + Festivals

Digital Aesthetic 3, University of Central Lancashire, UK, 2012