Animal Migrations (and why they don't get lost)

Peer Bode

1985 | 00:11:30 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | 3/4" U-matic video

Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: Animals, Found Footage, Memory, Video History

"This is the first of a set of pieces that involve combining a series of electronic video process recordings, musics, texts and appropriated materials. These multiple elements, simple and tricky grammars, trigger expanding electronic narratives. The trajectories and drags of multiple narratives color the electronics and visa a versa. The piece is the scene of many animal migrations unpacked as sliding tropes and grammars: diagrammatic sound image complexes, crawling texts on time query, circus performers, astronauts, psychologist fathers, texts on mathematical computer graphics woven with scenes of mid-Century artist monkeys a la Life magazine and painting machines... Oh my, o you, o them."

– Peer Bode

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Techno Bop (1985) - Limbo Lounge
New York, NY

Exhibitions + Festivals

1985 “Techno Bop” Curated by Sara Hornbacher, Limbo Lounge, New York NY

1985 “New Digital Rhetorics and The Unknown” New Channels series, Curated by Chris Hill, Carnegie Cultural Center, North Tonawanda NY

1986 “Techno Bop II” Curated by Sara Hornbacher, 8 B.C., New York NY

1986 “Techno Bop III” Curated by Sara Hornbacher Anthology Film Archives, New York NY

1986 “The Other New York” Curated by Sara Hornbacher, Albany State Museum, Albany NY

1986 “The Other New York” The American Film Institute National Video Festival, Los Angeles CA

1986 “A Video Primer: Electronic Art from the 80’s” Curated by Bob Harris, Katonah Gallery, Katonah NY

1987 “The 1987 Biennial Exhibition” Curated by John Hanhardt, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York NY

1987 “Image Processing, New Definitions – 1987 Whitney Biennial Video Exhibition with Guest Artist, Peer Bode” Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Ithaca NY

1987 “Video in the Boroughs” New York NY

1987 “Techno Bop IV” Curated by Sara Hornbacher, The Kitchen, New York NY

1987 Kunst Museum Bern, Bern, Switzerland

1987 “The Other New York” Curated by Sara Hornbacher, American Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria NY

1988 “Axle Grease” Buffalo Cable, Buffalo NY

1988 “The II Biennial International Video Festival” Curated by John Orentlicher, Museum De Centro Medalin, Medalin, Columbia

1988 “The 1987 Biennial Exhibition” Curated by John Hanhardt, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York NY

1989 “Tapes from the Experimental Television Center” Curated by Sherry Miller-Hocking, Untamed Video Gallery at S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton, Binghamton NY

1990 “Whitney Biennial Video” Image Farm, Hiroshima, Japan

1990 “New Video, New Audio, New Compositions” New Comp, Cambridge MA

1990 “Video & The Complex Flow of Electrons” Bush Art Gallery, St. Lawrence University, Canton NY

1995 "Peer Bode Early and Recent Works 1974-1995" The Knitting Factory, New York NY

2001 "Peer Bode Video Arts" Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2010 "Media Lab" Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China