Calle Chula

Veronica Majano

1998 | 00:11:52 | United States | English | Color | 4:3 | Film

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Latino/Chicano, Post-colonialism

Veronica Majano depicts the character of a street in the Mission District of San Francisco. This street is personified as a fifteen year old Salvadoran/Ohlone girl on a search to understand the changes brought on by colonization, dislocation, and more recently, gentrification. Tracing the history of the Mission from its first residents, the Ohlone Indians, Chula explores the effects of re-colonization on memory and memory loss. For Chula, memory loss is a birthmark that was passed down to her from her ancestors. Calle Chula is Majano’s way of addressing the causes and consequences of cultural amnesia.

This title is only available on Betraying Amnesia: Latin America Video Portraiture.