Camel with Window Memory

Peer Bode

1983 | 00:04:22 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | 3/4" U-matic video

Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: Animals, Image Processing, Video History

"The Camel with Window Memory piece was made one weekend in the early '80's. I pulled out my post card collection and began to look at specific postcards run through the new digital video buffer I had built together with David Jones. The buffer had only one frame of memory but it was real time. It had the capability of displaying the image memory space, either as live or frozen.

Camel with Window Memory was a live performance recording: handheld postcard, stop watch for timing and the live or frozen memory mode switch. A second key input to the buffer determined where the image would be live or freeze. I used two synched oscillators to create the square key clip shape. For sound, I sampled two areas of the image for grey level values that were turned into control voltages to control the Brewster and Bernie Hutchins modular audio synthesizer in the studio. The image and sound changes were live as I turned on and off the image freezing, watched the stopwatch and heard the sound changes as I moved the postcard, reactive, as in looking and listening, real time image and sound recording.

The camel and man postcard also was particularly resonant as we were then experiencing gas rationing and gas lines in the states, oil politics of the time then also. I remember reflecting that the camel was historically the traveling water storage unit of the desert, an organic system for storing water, energy and memory."

– Peer Bode

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Exhibitions + Festivals

1984 “Signals as Instruments” Curated by Chris Hill, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo NY

1984 “Video at the Kitchen” Kitchen, New York NY

1984 “Video and Computer Show” P.S.1, New York NY

1984 “Computer Print Outs” and “Process Tapes and Computer Prints” S.U.N.Y at Buffalo, Buffalo NY

1985 “Video and Digital Art, The Process Tapes” University of Toledo, Toledo OH

1985 “New Digital Rhetorics and The Unknown” New Channels series, Curated by Chris Hill, Carnegie Cultural Center, North Tonawanda NY

1985 "Artist and Computer - Digital Video and Computer Prints" Curated by Neil Zusman, City College of New York, New York NY

1986 “A Video Primer: Electronic Art from the 80’s” Curated by Bob Harris, Katonah Gallery, Katonah NY

1986 “Generic Real-Time Interactive Digital” Curated by Peter Chamberlain, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira NY

1988 “The II Biennial International Video Festival” Curated by John Orentlicher, Museum De Centro Medalin, Medalin, Columbia

1988 “Peer Bode” Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester NY

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2001 "Peer Bode Video Arts" Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2011 “Spirit of the Signal” Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York NY

2012 “Work from the Experimental Television Center Archive” ICA Artists’ Film Club, London, UK