Cathy Lee Crane: Music Videos

Cathy Lee Crane

2022 | 00:20:06 | United States / France | English | B&W and Color | Stereo | 16:9 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Music, Music Video

This compilation features five music videos produced by Cathy Lee Crane from 1995 to 2022. 

Kiss You Before I Die by Benna (1995, 4:00)
Photographed on 16mm by Anna Lee Keefer in Tucson, Arizona for this single from the self-released cassette Tunnel Tunes. Distributed by Evil Teen Records, New York.

Rescue Me by Minnie Pearl Necklace (1998, 3:00)
Music video starring Rodney O'Neal Austin of Minnie Pearl Necklace. Shot in reverse on super8 by Cathy Lee Crane in the streets of San Francisco while preparing for their film collaboration Not for Nothin’ and while in Paris while shooting The Girl from Marseilles. Edited by Rodney O'Neal Austin.

Red Helicopters by Eighty Mile Beach (1999, 5:00)
Music video for Beth Custer and Christian Jones’ band Eighty Mile Beach. Along with archival footage of helicopters from Craig Baldwin, original material of the band shot in the San Francisco Bay Area by Bill Daniel, Crane, and Keith Evans of silt. Edited by Cathy Lee Crane and Amy Harrison.

Dymaxion Transport by Beth Custer Ensemble (2009, 4:00)
Long-time collaborator Beth Custer offered her song from the Roam album release for a one-time Video/Art/Ithaca installation of material acquired by Crane from the coast of Oregon. Shot on 16mm with the Bolex.

Darkness by kokoku (2022, 5:00)
Produced in conjunction with the release of the lost tapes Live Recordings from the singer- songwriter scene of 1984 NYC. Darkness was written by band member Ash McDaniel “in response to the after-effects of watching the post-apocalyptic TV movie The Day After (aired 11/20/83)”. Cathy Lee Crane managed this band in the 1980s.

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