Chums from Across the Void

Jim Finn

2015 | 00:17:30 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | DV video

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Tags: Activism, Labor, Philosophy, Politics, The State

Little Radek, the step-dancing Bolshevik; Machera, the Andean Robin Hood, and Maria Spiridonova, the Russian socialist assassin are your guides for Past Leftist Life Regression therapy. In this third Inner Trotsky Child video, narrator Lois Severin— a former Trotskyite turned suburban housewife—attempts to radicalize the personal fulfillment and self-help scene. Like the Christian fundamentalist activists in the 1970’s who prepared the way for the Reagan Revolution, the Inner Trotsky Child movement was a way to cope with life in the Prime Material Plane of Corporate Capitalism and to create a 21st Century revolution of the mind.

Written/Directed by Jim Finn
Cinematography by Butcher Walsh
Sound Design by Jesse Stiles & Kristian Tchetchko
Music by Colleen Burke & Chris Skinner
Starring: Lois Severin, Isabella Pinheiro & James Mazza


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53rd New York Film Festival
New York, NY

Exhibitions + Festivals

International Film Festival Watch Docs, Human Rights in Film (Poland), 2015

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