Condensed Movie #1

Kent Lambert

2002 | 00:10:05 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | DV video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Experimental Film, Hollywood

During my stint as an entry-level acquisitions scout at a now-defunct art house distribution company, I amassed a small collection of VHS tapes from a vast pool of unsolicited submissions. By the standards of the art house canon, these were very bad movies, but I adored them for the sincerity of their intention. Bits and pieces of these movies became source material for a number of the videos on this compilation (Teenagers, Hymn Of Reckoning, Fantasy Suite). My favorite of these tapes by far was Silverwings, an ambitious Des Moines, Iowa production about a pilot transported by lighting storm to a medieval fantasy world in need of rescue from an evil overlord (a plot remarkably similar to that of the subsequent Martin Lawrence vehicle Black Knight).

I wanted to somehow share Silverwings with the experimental film/video festival community that had embraced Ken Burns Give You Something, and I didn’t want to simply assemble a comedic highlights reel. I wanted to show every scene, shot and character, in sequence. I was advised to trim its 123-minute duration to a more programmer-friendly 10 minutes, and recording the movie in fast-forward mode resulted in a piece much longer than that. Ultimately, I edited out almost every instance of dialogue, focusing instead on the often protracted pauses between lines, and on the faces and facial expressions that would never make a Hollywood cut.

This video is also availiable on Kent Lambert Videoworks: Volume 1

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Exhibitions + Festivals

Time Machine, BLD Studios, Columbus, OH, October 2004

Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, October 2003

Midwest Movies, Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY, July 2003

TV or Not TV, L.A. Freewaves, November 2002

Chicago Underground Film Festival, August 2002

Thaw Festival (winner of Jury Prize), Iowa City, April 2002

New York Underground Film Festival, March 2002