Contemporary Artist

1999 | 00:04:57 | Mexico | English / Spanish | B&W

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Humor

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After working in solitude at the studio, the artist leaves, uncomfortable with the idea of having to put on a face for the art world, where they expect you to say something articulate in order to grab the curator's attention.

This title is also available on Ximena Cuevas: Dormimundo Vol. 1 (Sleepworld Vol. 1), Ximena Cuevas: El Mundo del Silencio (The Silent World), and Half-Lies: The Videoworks of Ximena Cuevas.

Exhibitions + Festivals

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Conversations at the Edge, Chicago, IL, 2013

Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands, 2014

Dallas Video Festival, 2000

Split Film Festival Croatia, 2000