Corazon Sangrante (Bleeding Heart)

Ximena Cuevas

1993 | 00:03:48 | Mexico | Spanish | Color | Mono |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Humor, Latino/Chicano

In this humorous short, Astrid Hadad, dressed in traditional folkloric costumes and religious garments, sings and performs to a Chilean love ballad before a painterly background of fantastic landscapes. Her hyperbolic posturings enact the song’s tale of a woman’s heartbreak. This satirical presentation of femininity references pathos and the role of the victim. Cuevas’s use of animation and video montage adds a playful tone to the heartfelt melodrama of love songs, familiar touchstones in all cultures.

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Exhibitions + Festivals

Videonale Bon, 1994

Dallas Video Festival, 1994

OutFest (LA, CA.), 1998