1998 | 00:11:00 | Switzerland | None | Color

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Asian-American, European Film/Video

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The title implies a relationship between the two persons in the frame of the image. The woman in the foreground appears somewhat sad, the man in the background concerned. In the slowed-down motion of the video, these expressions become intensified, and heightened to levels of romantic tragedy by the accompaniment of Chet Baker’s melancholy song, 'You Don’t Know What Love Is'. As we become more involved in this narration, the slightest shift of her head or the subtlest movement of his eyes become important players in this relation.... Stories come to mind; one’s own experiences; memories of friends relating situations of crises—any one of them could fit this couple...."

—Annette Schindler and Hanspeter Ammann, Where Is Your Rupture? (New York: Swiss Institute, 1998)



Exhibitions + Festivals

Dallas Video Festival, 2000

Impakt Organisation (The Netherlands), 2000