Daritidzé, Trainee Healer

2003 | 00:35:00 | Brazil | Rhaeto-Romance | Color | Stereo

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Documentary, Film or Videomaking, Indigenous, Religion/Spirituality

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After the screening of his film Wai'á rini, the power of dream in other Xavante villages, the people of Aldeia Nova from the São Marcos reservation asked Divino to make a film on the same ritual, the Wai'á ceremony. In this ceremony the young men are initiated into the spiritual world to develop their curative power. This is a new experience for Divino, as he has to shoot in a different village, but also find a way to try new tricks and to develop his editing skills.

Various languages.

Direction and photography: Divino Tserewahú

Editing: Divino Tserewahú and Leonardo Sette