Deep Sleep

Basma Alsharif

2014 | 00:12:45 | Greece / Malta / Palestinian Territories | Arabic | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Experimental Film, Landscape, Mental Landscape, Sound

A hypnosis-inducing pan-geographic shuttle built on brainwave-generating binaural beats, Deep Sleep takes us on a journey through the sound waves of Gaza to travel between different sights of modern ruin. Restricted from travel to Palestine, I learned auto-hypnosis for the purpose of bi-locating. What results is a journey, recorded on Super 8mm film, to the ruins of ancient civilizations embedded in modern civilization in ruins, to a site ruined beyond evidence of civilization. Deep Sleep is an invitation to move from the corporeal self to the cinema space in a collective act of bi-location that transcends the limits of geographical borders and plays with the fallibility of memory.

— Basma Alsharif

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Prizes + Awards

Winner of the International Competition - Videoex, Zurich


Media City Film Festiva
Windsor, ON

Exhibitions + Festivals

25 FPS, Zagreb, Croatia

Toronto International Film Festival

Conversations at the Edge, Chicago IL