Direct Effect PSAs--Volume 1

C Hundred Film Corp.

1990 | 00:06:36 | United States | English | Color | Mono |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: AIDS/HIV, Activism, Architecture, Feminism, Health, PSA, Politics

The first of the series includes:

What Does Away Mean? by Jem Cohen advertises the need to recycle through reconsideration of landfills and garbage disposal.

Pro-Choice is Pro-Life by Jane Pratt makes its point with the simple logic that every child should be cared for and wanted.

Historic Preservation by Jim McKay counsels for the preservation of historic buildings endangered by urban decay.

Love Knows No Color by Tom Gilroy spreads the message that love is more than skin deep through a series of images of interracial couples.

Be Caring, Be Careful by James Herbert advertises safe sex practices and the use of condoms to spread love, not AIDS.

Chemical Farming by J. Michael Stipe urges serious re-consideration of the use of the pesticides that are contaminating our food supply.

World Peace by Susan Robeson and rap star KRS-One brings the message that the only peace is world peace. 

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