Direct Effect PSAs--Volume 3

C Hundred Film Corp.

1992 | 00:08:30 | United States | English | Color | Stereo |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: AIDS/HIV, Activism, Feminism, Health, PSA, Politics

The third compilation in this series of progressive, creative public service announcements for under-reported issues. Featuring various styles and formats, from street photography to optical printing, from edgy black and white film to hand-drawn animation, the seven spots in this latest installment are:

The Breathing Tree by Eric Darnell and Doug Loveid, an animated easy-to-understand explanation of how forests contribute to life by producing oxygen.

Put Crime in Perspective by Dorothy Owusu, Rob Grobenbieser, and Brendan Dolan comments on the media’s overemphasis on inner city crime, as compared to government corruption which is just as, if not more, serious.

More Than Luck by Stephanie Black, with a poem by Mutabaruka, shows that rather than lotteries and get-rich-quick schemes, we need equal economic opportunity.

America the Beautiful by Marce Sterner and Jim McQuillan is an appeal to recycle; the emblematic American eagle is replaced with the 90s version--a sea gull sitting on a pile of landfill trash.

Listen to Your Heart by Barry Ellsworth asks you to decide for yourself whether or not to circumcise your son, rather than listening to social or religious pressures.

Warning… (Patriarchal Values May Be Hazardous to Your Health) by Donna Olson shows the many phrases still commonly used that can erode a woman’s self-esteem.

Change by Jason Kliot and Jacob Ribicoff plays on the title to point out that to combat homelessness, poverty, and other problems, you can give away change (coins) or you can create real change by voting for housing and education. 

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