Early Conceptual Videos

Takahiko iimura

1977 | 00:31:00 | Japan | English | B&W | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Artist Compilations, Early Video Art

Tags: Asian-American, Conceptual Art, Video History

A collection of early conceptually oriented videos which were produced in Tokyo in the early 1970s using words along with images, except for the first two flicker-effect pieces: A Chair (1970) and Blinking (1970). 

Time Tunnel (1971) is an attempt at time travel in a very conceptual sense. 

Man and Woman (1971) shows full body images of a naked man and woman shot from above without movement.  They are shown alone as well as together, one over (or under) the other, symbolizing words at the same time as their positions. 

Visual Logic (and Illogic) (1977) shows visual logic (and illogic) of signs combining with limited movements of camera for panning and zooming.

These early videos signify some of the first experiments in "conceptual video" that few other video artists were attempting at the time.  Furthermore, this is an important collection to compare to later developments in the art of iimura's video.

Note: Most of the works are excerpted.

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