Liza Béar

1983 | 00:08:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Language, Poetry, Technology

Earthglow is a poem written for the character generator and switcher that conveys a writer's internal dialogue through both subtle and dramatic color changes and through movement, size, and placement of words. The ambient soundtrack evokes the confluence of past and present perceptions.

"A city dweller attempting to write a poem about a desert trip is distracted by a recent argument. Earthglow, whose only images are words, uses character animation to convey the writer’s internal dilemma through the shuttling of words across the screen, as well as color changes and ambient sound. Using an analogue character generator and switcher in a live edit, parts of the text are keyed in real-time and others are pre-recorded. On the score, an off-air burst from a Billie Holiday blues song (whose lyrics infiltrate the words of the poem) disrupts the strains of César Franck’s Violin Sonata. Earthglow is a film about the writing state of mind; past and present perceptions are reconciled in the act of writing."

— Liza Béar

Electronic engineering by Bruce Tovsky.



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Exhibitions + Festivals

1983 Edinburgh International Film Festival

1983 AFI National Video Festival

1983 Squat Theatre Video Café, New York

1983 San Francisco Art Institute

1983 L.A.C.E., Los Angeles, Ca

1983 Art Institute of Chicago

2010 Union Docs, Brooklyn , New York

2011 Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles

2012 Institute of Contemporary Art, London

2013  "Image, Text, Typography in Artists' Films", ICA, London

2013 Kine Festival, Muzeo of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland