East Coast, West Coast

1969 | 00:22:00 | United States | English | B&W | Mono | 4:3 | 1/2" open reel video

Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: Art Criticism, Art History, Humor, Video History

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In this rare and humorous record of the art dialogue of the late 1960s, Holt and "guest" Robert Smithson assume opposing artistic viewpoints: the uptight, intellectual New Yorker versus the laid-back Californian. Their play-acting lays bare the cliches and stereotypes of a "bi-coastal" art world. While Holt stresses analytic, systematic thinking, Smithson represents the polar opposite, privileging visceral experience and instinct, saying, "I never read books; I just go out and look at the clouds." and "Why don't you stop thinking and start feeling?"

This title was originally in the Castelli-Sonnabend video art collection. Copyright Holt/Smithson Foundation.

Exhibitions + Festivals


WRO Videoart Biennale, 2001