Experience, Perception, Interpretation/Illusion

Long Beach Museum of Art

1989 | 00:14:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono |

Collection: On Art and Artists, Single Titles

Tags: Artist Portraits, Documentation, Interview

Consisting of 13 brief spots, Experience: Perception, Interpretation, Illusion features works by artists included in a Pasadena Armory exhibition. Curator Noel Korten explains that the artists in the show have all reached mid-career and are now less concerned with expanding the boundaries of contemporary art than on reflecting back on culture through their own perspectives. Artists include Karen Carsen, John Outterbridge, Michael C. McMillen, Margit Omar, Scott Geiger, Jerry McMillan, James Doolin, Carol Caroompas, John Valadez, Michael Davis, William Leavitt, Ann Page, and Raul Guerrero.

Only available on the Fellows of Contemporary Art compilation. 

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