Fantasy Suite

Kent Lambert

2009 | 00:07:17 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Found Footage, Humor, Image Processing, Television

Fantasy Suite was the last standard definition video I made from VHS tapes. Like WHS VHS #1, I made it to premiere at Roots & Culture’s Zummer Tapez, and speed manipulation figured heavily into its construction (the Bachelor material was not interesting or even tolerable at normal speed, but slowed down slightly, it became fascinating to me). Shana Moulton’s work was a strong influence on this video (I programmed my piece to play after hers in the Zummer mixtape), hence the animated facial masks and SkyMall imagery.

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Exhibitions + Festivals

Ann Arbor 48th  Film Festival Tour (various locations), August 2010-February 2011

Conversations At The Edge, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, September 2010

Chicago Underground Film Festival (winner of "Made In Chicago" award), June 2010

Migrating Forms, NYC, May 2010

Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 2010

Zummer Tapez, Roots & Culture Gallery, Chicago, August 2009