Fingers and Kisses

Shu Lea Cheang

1995 | 00:04:35 | Japan | English | Color | Mono |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Feminism, LGBTQ

Cheang has taken her camera to the streets for a candid glimpse of lesbian public sexuality. If Asian women and lesbians share a certain amount of invisibility in the culture, Fingers and Kisses offers not only a bold representation of both, but a challenge to the question “What do lesbians do?” Tokyo’s own out-and-loud music by Chu punctuates the narrative as what begins in the streets continues under the sheets.

Script and performance by Izumo Marou and Claire Maree.

With Superdyke Inc. Japan.

Music by Chu.

This title is also available on Shu Lea Cheang: Lesbian Shorts.

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OutFest ( LA, CA ), 1996

Women Make Waves Film Festival, 1999

OutFest (LA, CA.), 2004