Frozen War

John Smith

2002 | 00:11:00 | United Kingdom | English | Color | Stereo |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Death and Dying, European Film/Video

Made in Ireland, October 8th, 2001.

A disorientating experience while attempting to watch the TV news in an Irish hotel room triggers a spontaneous response to the bombing of Afghanistan.

Frozen War is the first episode in the Hotel Diaries series, a collection of video recordings made in the world’s hotel rooms, which relate personal experiences and reflections to contemporary conflicts in the Middle East.

"...Shot early in the morning, just after the U.S. and Britain started bombing Afghanistan, it's narrated by Smith, who describes how he worried about a blown-up transmitter when he found only a static face on TV. The slow pace and rambling form become apt correlatives for Smith's own confusion."

--Fred Camper, Chicago Reader

This title is also available on Hotel Diaries: John Smith.

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