Furniture Poetry

Paul Bush

1999 | 00:05:15 | United Kingdom | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Animation, European Film/Video, Humor

The filmmaker accepts the challenge of the philosopher and changes not only a table but also chairs, shoes, jugs, teapots and almost everything else lying around his house.

"What prevents me from supposing that this table either vanishes or alters its shape when no one is observing it and then when someone looks at it again changes back? But one feels like saying – who is going to suppose such a thing?"

— Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty (Oxford: Blackwell, 1969)

"The Best British film on show (at Cannes) will probably be Paul Bush’s brief, brilliant animated short, Furniture Poetry, which puts apples, plates, tables and chairs through rigorous balletic paces"

— Jonathan Romney, New Statesman

"Bush’s meticulous comic timing and our own need for meaning lends these not-so-still lives a curiously expressive quality… this clever film was extremely witty and unexpectedly moving."

— Louise Levine, Sunday Telegraph

This title is also available on Paul Bush Pixilated.

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