The General Returns from One Place to Another

Michael Robinson

2006 | 00:10:45 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | 16mm film

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Landscape, Literature

Through a concurrently indulgent and skeptical experience of the beautiful, the video draws an uneasy balance between the romantic and the horrid. A nihilistic monologue (from Frank O’Hara’s play of the same title) attempts to undercut the sincerity of the landscape, but there are stronger forces surfacing.

— Michael Robinson

“More than any other work of Robinson’s, The General Returns achieves something heady, ethereal, altogether mysterious and nearly impossible to define. This was my introduction to Robinson, and the immediate reaction was a mixture of seduction and befuddlement, the sense that an audio-visual world for which I had no available vocabulary or affective framework had just opened up before my eyes.“

— Michael Sicinski, Cinemascope, Winter 2008

This title is also available on Michael Robinson Videoworks: Volume 1

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Prizes + Awards

Most Promising Filmmaker Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival

3rd Prize, Onion City, Chicago, IL

2nd Prize, FLEX Festival, FL

Honorable Mention, Media City

Tiger Short Award Nominee, International Film Festival Rotterdam




Exhibitions + Festivals

SAW Media Art Center, Under the Rainbow: The Films and Videos of Michael Robinson, July 13 2012

Whitney Biennial 2012

Images Festival, Toronto

New York Film Festival

PDX Festival, Portland, OR

San Francisco International Film Festival

T.I.E. Denver, CO

Platform Video Festival, Athens, Greece

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

INT Bunker Film Festival, Italy

Antimatter Festival

Impakt Festival

Hong Kong International Film Festival

Leeds International Film Festival

New York Underground Film Festival

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