Girls | Museum

2020 | 01:11:20 | Germany | Dari / German | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

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We are born into an already-constructed world. We each enter with new eyes into a culture that has already been shaped and structured based on the desires and power of others. Historical art museums are charged with preserving and interpreting the tangible evidence of a civilization’s cultural trajectory and artistic achievement. The artworks they display have overwhelmingly been made, collected and contextualized by men. On the walls of their hushed galleries, there is no lack of depictions of women on display  –  mothers, wives, prostitutes, artist’s models, and muses, all seen through the eyes of male artists.

Girls | Museum takes the viewer through the historical art collection of the MdbK/Museum of Fine Art Leipzig, guided by a group of girls, ages 7 to 19. Moving from artwork to artwork, Century to Century, the girls tell us what they see . Art is typically the reserve of anointed experts and girls rarely take or are given a central and unfettered place to speak from. From imaginative leaps of storytelling to curt pronouncements, from gender fluidity to power, inequality, precarity, and war, Girls | Museum, in its quiet way, calls for questioning basic assumptions of what and who we value.


DOK Leipzig