1987 | 00:43:20 | Germany | German | Color | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Consumer culture, European Film/Video

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This film is about a five-day seminar designed to teach executives to "sell themselves" better. This course, designed for managers, teaches the basic rules of dialectics and rhetoric and provides training in body language, gesture and facial expression. The aim of selling something has always been a principle of mercantile action. Yet it was only through the marriage of psychology and modern capitalism that the idea of selling oneself was perfected.

-- Lutz Hachmeister

Cinematographer: Simon Kleebauer; Second Cinematographer: Rosa Mercedes with Harun Farocki; Light Design/Video Technician: Jürgen Frieß, Fabian Meyer; Editor: Roswitha Gnädig, Sound: Rolf Müller; Production: SWF, Baden-Baden; TV Producer: Ebbo Demant; Location Manager: Uwe Kremp




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Commissioned for the TV series Ziele