Laura Huertas Millán

2018 | 00:07:00 | France / Colombia | Spanish | Color | Dolby 5.1 | 16:9 | 16mm film

Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: Architecture, Experimental Film, Gender, LGBTQ, Memory, Transgender

Born out of an "objective hazard" (a 16mm roll where two different subjects were imprinted by mistake), jeny303 is a composite work intertwining two portraits. On the one hand there is jeny, the feminine alter ego of a transgender millennial dealing with a heroine addiction. On the other hand there is the 303 building, an iconic modernist architecture in a public university in Bogota (Colombia). The images of the body and the edifice interlace and depict jeny303, a character on the threshold of a transformation to come.

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Prizes + Awards

Grand Prix Biennale Jeune Création Européenne 2018

Grand Prix Tenderfilm, Tenderpixel 2018

Exhibitions + Festivals

Cinéma du Réel, shorts competition, 2018

New York Film festival, Shorts Program, 2018

Festival Internacional de cine de Mar del Plata , Retrospective LHM, 2018 Houston Cinema Arts Festival, US, 2018

Mediacity Film Festival, international competition, 2018

Medellín, une histoire colombienne, Musée Les Abattoirs, France 2017

Le chant du printemps (solo), Centre d’Art de Malakoff, France 2018

Biennale de la Jeune Création Européenne, Beffroi de Montrouge, France 2018

Neither Black/Red/Yellow Nor Woman, Times Art Center Berlin 2020