Joan Braderman Reads the National Enquirer

Joan Braderman

1982 | 00:28:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Media Analysis

Award winning documentary filmmaker and cultural critic Joan Braderman takes a look at the National Enquirer and demolishes the newspaper's ideology and content. Analyzing the fact that the Enquirer is the tabloid that everybody reads but nobody admits to. Braderman shows how it's agenda of reporting gossip and the lowest common denominator of news has influenced even the so called intellectual progressive media such as the "New Yorker" and the "New York Times". Braderman has recently finished her documentary The Heretics about a seventies feminist art group based in NYC.

“The artists' first venture into video performance is a manic enactment of the relationship of readers with tabloids. Championing gossip as "history according to women and more likely to be "true" than the New York Times," she takes us on a schizophrenic personal narrative tour of the world according to the Enquirer.”— Martha Gever

Slandering the publisher on screen in true tabloid form, Braderman and De Landa create a style of scratch video, using sometimes vibrating, luridly framed video switcher "wipes" which both satirize and describe tabloid journalism's own glitzy style. An unreconstructed lover of tabloid fantasy, Braderman's face and body fly through the headlines and photos she loves in this brilliant and disturbing satire about popular culture and its ubiquitous place in our lives.” — Elizabeth Hess, Village Voice

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