Keep in Touch

Peng Zuqiang

2020 | 00:13:58 | China | Chinese | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: Body, Memory

Emerging from one reel of Super 8 film and a brief prompt given to a group of friends, Keep in Touch gestures a sense of being together-in-difference that brushes against the fleeting, unstable solidarity. Fragmented with moments of silence, uneasy gossip, and coded bodily communication, the work consider the complexity of contact, touch and becoming a subject.

In the first scene, two men stand outside of a car, waiting for the air conditioner to cool down the vehicle. As one puts on some house music using the car’s CD player, their silence is broken into a state of indescribable feelings. In the second scene, shot on Super 8 film, a person tries to recount a story whiling spinning a pen around in his hand. As he narrates the story which he cannot fully remember, he ponders this unusual amnesia. In the third scene, also filmed on Super 8, focuses on two pairs of hands cutting each other’s nails, the caring yet sensitive gesture were echoed by the intertitles. The fourth scene features a woman standing in a forest putting tiger balm on her body. And in the last scene, two people are playing cat's cradles, while two voices exchanges stories of inexplicable gestural encounters with other queer bodies.

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Exhibitions + Festivals

CARPARK, Berlin, DE, 2023

Souvenirs of Frictions: Three films by Peng Zuqiang’, e-flux screening room, New York, US, 2022

Sideways Looking, Cell Project Space, London, GB, 2022

Hesitations, ANTENNA -TENNA, Shanghai, CN, 2021

One song is like another, and the boat is always from afar, Times Museum, Guangzhou, CN, 2021

Más allá el mar canta, Times Art Center Berlin, DE, 2021

A Slight Shift of Angle, aashra, LB/Online, 2021