La Bouche

Camilo Restrepo

2017 | 00:19:00 | France | English | Color | Dolby 5.1 | 4:3 | 16mm film

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Crime or Violence, Music

A man learns his daughter has been brutally murdered by her husband. Time stands still as he oscillates between the need for solace and his urge for revenge. La Bouche is an experimental musical featuring Guinean percussion master Mohamed Bangoura (“Red Devil”), loosely based on his own story.

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Prizes + Awards

25FPS Zagreb 2017, Special Mention

FestCurtas Belo Horizonte 2017, Capivara Award for the Best Short Film of the International Competitive 

L'Âge d’Or 2017, Young Jury Prize

Janela International do Cinema do Recife 2017, Best International Short Film

Janela International do Cinema do Recife 2017, Critics Prize for Best International Short Film

F.A.M.E 2017, Students Jury Prize, Special Mention

Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón/Xixón 2017, Best International Short Film

Transcinema Perú 2017, Best Short Film

CNC 2018, Prix Qualité


Directors Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival