Mon ami Imad et le taxi (My Friend Imad and the Taxi)

Olga Nakkas, Hassan Zbib

1985 | 00:19:00 | Lebanon | None | 4:3 | Super 8 film

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Experimental Film, Middle East, Music

In 1985, Hassan Zbib and Olga Nakkas separately started to develop film scenarios based on simple narratives, and would shoot them on Super 8, which was still possible to develop in Beirut at the time. Their work featured the city as a stage where lonely characters drifted: a taxi driver in his car, a man walking around, talking to a Rambo poster. These films were never presented as finalized work until a Beirut-based festival, né à Beyrouth, discovered them and asked the filmmakers to present their films with a live electronic soundtrack improvised by local artists. The soundtrack presented on this version is the recording of that session.

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