Mother in Twilight

Eiko Otake

2019 | 00:03:27 | United States | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | Video

Collection: Eiko Otake, Single Titles

Tags: Eiko Otake: Media Work, Eiko Otake: The Duet Project, Distance is Malleable

In collaboration with Rebekkah Palov. 

This video was created during a residency at IEA (Institute for Electronic Arts) at Alfred University in June 2019. It was shown in a multi-channel video installation at IEA. This footage was edited for Eiko’s installation Mother at the Historic Chapel at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY in 2023. In Mother, Eiko talks and dance with her mother, who died in 2019. The film was played on loop, along with a visual installation, daily from 10AM–5PM.

Camera by Rebekkah Palov.

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