Paweł Wojtasik

2007 | 00:10:30 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | DV video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Animals, Documentary, Science

Naked shows a colony of naked mole rats living in a laboratory. This rare and highly socialized species demonstrates modes of behavior that in uncanny ways seem human-like. The mole rats are the most inbred species on the planet, and have the longest life span of any laboratory animal. The film zeroes in on aspects of their existence (overcrowded conditions, violence, tenderness) that have parallels in the life of human society.

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San Francisco International Film Festival
San Francisco, CA

Exhibitions + Festivals


Antimatter Film Festival, Vancouver, 2006

Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Chicago, 2006

Images Festival, Toronto, 2007

Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, 2007

Anthology Film Archives, NY, 2009

Flaherty Film Seminar, 2009