Suzie Silver, Hilary Harp

2007 | 00:09:45 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Animation, Music, Science, Sculpture

Nebula is a hallucinogenically immersive spectacle: a complex, long-form audio-visual composition, which pays playful homage to science fiction fantasies. Captured for video by means of stop-motion photography, objects made of glass, glitter and tulle, are nestled within a kaleidoscopic flow of computer-generated imagery. Drawing from Thomas Wilfred's Clavilux color organs as well as experimental abstract filmmakers such as Mary Ellen Bute, and James and John Whitney, Nebula also recalls liquid light shows and the marvelous sightings of the Hubble Space Telescope. By enveloping the viewer in a multi-sensory experience absolutely other than our daily materiality, Nebula mines the wonder and pleasure at the root of both cosmology and camp.

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Exhibitions + Festivals

Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, 2008


Queer City Cinema, 2008

European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrouck, Germany, 2009