Orchid Show

A.K. Burns

2013 | 00:13:34 | United States | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Gender, Music, Nature

A video work that documents the annual orchid show at the New York Botanic Garden, Orchid Show critically observes notions of spectacle, gender and beauty as a query into the staging and imaging of nature. For the audio, the sounds of the garden fold into a classical composition for piano, Kaleidoscopic Changes on an Original Theme, Ending with a Fugue (1924) by Ruth Crawford Seeger, one of the few celebrated female composers of the early 20th century.

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Callicoon Fine Arts
New York, NY

Exhibitions + Festivals

2017, ‘ANY MEANS,’ Michel Rein Gallery, Paris, France

2016, ‘These Are the Vistas,’ Fotofest International at Houston Art Fair, Houston, TX

2013, ‘Ending with a Fugue,’ Callicoon Fine Arts, New York, NY