Passionate Visions

George Kuchar

2001 | 00:15:00 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Kuchar Archive, Single Titles

Tags: Humor

The Rudnick family run amok with unleashed talent in San Francisco and display a wide girth of creative curvature for all to admire over a hot cup of java. The fluidity of artistic endeavors spills over the borders of the Pacific Rim to highlight not only aquatic animals, but also desert-bound creatures etched in the thirst-quenching magnificence of kitchenware crystal. The whirlwind of painted and sculpted objects of art, in combination with eyeball searing displays of expression, dazzle the viewer into a violent reverie of fist-swinging appreciation that adds a kinetic momentum to the unfettered madness.

As if to catch ones breath, we are swooped away to the wave battered coves of Pacifica to sniff the sea-encrusted statuary of Jerry Barrish. Amid the turbulent setting of sea and sand, we meet a man and his mate awash with a tide of discarded junk transformed into museum quality dimensionality. Come join this expedition into the sun-drenched parlors of Northern California and smell what's cooking on the Hibachi.

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